Come work with us!

We value and appreciate every one of our lab members at all stages of their research career. Their dedication and hard work to advance science never go unnoticed. As a team, I (we) will be the strongest advocate for you and your work.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ph.D. or equivalent in chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, or related scientific fields.

Come join us in designing and developing analytical methods to discover the molecular changes proteins undergo during development and diseases. Learn from and collaborate with other scientists on and off campus across diverse fields of basic sciences and biomedicine. Participate in grant writing and be trained to apply for funding to start your own research.

What you will achieve
You will have free rein to initiate projects under the broader research interests and direction of the lab (e.g., omics, mass spec, proteomics methods, post-transcriptional regulation, alternative splicing, etc.). You will learn to perform LC-MS experiments, be exposed to and help develop multiple disease and biological models, be trained to analyze proteomics and transcriptomics data by writing your own scripts, as well as apply for your own grants.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Assistants

Undergraduate students or graduate students (e.g., master's) currently enrolled on campus (Anschutz, Boulder, or Denver)

Enjoy a flexible lab schedule around school work to help progress research in biomedical sciences. Projects include but not limited to running proteomics experiments, culturing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to understand human biology and diseases, and creating your own methods to measure protein and transcript expression.

What you will achieve
You will learn to extract and process proteins to study the human proteome, and be trained to perform bioinformatics analysis independently for your own project.

Graduate/PhD, Rotation Students

Students enrolled in a PhD program on campus. Our lab is part of the BSP, STBB and MTSP programs. We are also a training member of the BSBT program.

We routinely support our students, staff, and fellows to attend national and international conferences (e.g., ASMS, HUPO, ISHR, AHA, etc.) to network with the broader scientific community. Plenty of opportunities to get to know and exchange ideas with scientists in the industry and academia, as well as explore career opportunities early on. Projects will be interest-based and involve both experimental and bioinformatics components. Prior programming knowledge is not a must and not required. Passion for science is however non-negotiable.

What you will achieve
You will get to learn R, Python, or Java programming. You will receive plenty of hands-on training in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, cell culture, or animal models, etc. Networking opportunities will be provided at national or international conferences once per year starting the second year. You will also be guaranteed first authorship on manuscripts of your own projects, and have protected time to apply for student fellowship (e.g., NIH F31, AHA predoc. fellowship) and write up your thesis.